Our Mission

Here at Earthena, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the most stylish, trendy, and most of all, the best quality and prices on the luxury jewelry we have to offer.

Every step of the jewelry creation process, we pay close attention to the details to ensure that the jewelry you buy from Earthena is made of quality and can withstand time.

What makes us different is that we truly care for each piece of jewelry we make. A unique and special gift as a ring deserves all the attention it needs to ensure that it is made of quality to tie the bond between a couple. The styles that we offer are classic, timeless and most of all, eco-friendly.

Earthena Jewelry Custom Jewelry allows you to create your very own unique and personalized design that fits perfectly to you.  We can custom cut a moissanite to your desired dimension and ring setting to ensure your ring is exactly how you want it.

Customize a Look!

Here at Earthena, we are always creating the latest and greatest jewelry masterpiece for our amazing customers. However, if there is a look that we don't currently offer, we can customize one that fit just you! All of our jewelry can be customized to the size, shape, stone type, metal type and budget that works for you! If you see a style that you would like to make modification or something different entirely, please contact us and we will walk you through the custom process.

Your Dream Ring Awaits!

Feature Setting - Hidden Wrap Halo

Hidden Wrap Halo Engagement Rings

A beautiful engagement ring design of the center stone being wrapped with diamonds... 

  • Craftmenship

    Over 35 years of experience, our artisans are masters at creating beautiful jewelry that is meant to last a lifetime. We vow to provide the highest quality standard on our jewelry pieces as our customer deserves only the best!

  • Sustainable

    Our core belief and our mission is to provide high quality stunning fine jewelry without doing harm to the earth. The focus of our designs is to provide a luxurious look that is ethical, sustainable, and economical.

  • Affordable

    Moissanite and lab-grown diamonds are amazing alternative to traditionally mined diamonds. This movement not only is good for our environment, but it is also much more affordable without sacrificing quality.

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